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QUEST MCODY “HELL’O AMERICA” produced by TrakGhost Capo
Directed by Quest Mcody
Edited by Kyle Gray
From the Album “Th3 Gospel”

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“This is one of those songs that kind of wrote itself. I heard the beat while on facebook and knew immediately that it was for me. Before Capo could send the track to me, I had already written the first verse and hook. The only time I stopped writing was to rewind to the beginning of the 30 second clip he had posted online. This was a instance of my mind working faster than my ability to jot down it’s ideas. While there is nothing complex on the surface level of these lyrics, they hold great detail within.

Hell’O America is a play on the words Hell and America. “Hello America. How are you?” “Hello America pay attention to me!” “Where do you live sir? Hell? Oh, America”.

Since its inception, America has been considered the home of the brave and the land of the free. This a very untrue and misleading description of the America I have come to know. America has yet to be brave enough to accept its responsibility or publicly recognize that the history of blacks in America has been either altered, changed, mis-educated, suppressed or destroyed. How can you truly understand a nation without being honest about the people who represent it. While I am not responsible for my father’s sins, if I benefit from them today, my life is a representation of them.

In Hell’O America, I speak about America as if it’s a person. Some people will hear this song and assume it’s a song glorifying violence and rebellion while others will view it as a sign of frustration and disrespect. While creating Hell’o America I dealt with a list of emotions such as love, anger, reflection and sorrow. The idea of killing America isn’t a ploy to harm any individual. It is a song about the death of America as we know it. The death of inequality, the death of prejudice and most importantly death to the abuse of authority throughout our law enforcement and judicial system. If “killing” America resulted in ending it’s ignorance, lies and double standards that have plagued its past, in the hopes of a better future for our children, I would suffer the consquences.” -Quest

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